Public Hearing Notices

December 12, 2022 Public Hearings (posted 11/22/22)

Legal Notices


In accordance with Section 38 of the Charter, Legal Notices will be published on a City of Akron website.

For a full list of Ordinances and Resolutions passed at each Council Meeting, please view the Agenda.


Public Notices from the Treasury-Assessments & Licenses Division can be found here.

Traffic Regulations

Traffic Regulations are published on this website in accordance with Charter Section 38. Additional information about the Traffic Engineering Division can be found here.

Traffic Regulation #15-2022 (posted 11/17/22 through 12/2/22)


ADA Disclaimer

The City of Akron is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are able to fully participate in public programs, services, and activities. Anyone who is in need of an accommodation from any City department is invited to contact Yamini Adkins, Director of Human Resources, 166 South High Street, Municipal Building, Suite 103, Akron, Ohio 44308, (voice) 330-375-2780 as soon as possible.  If you require TDD phone service call Ohio Relay at 800-750-0750 and they will assist in contacting the Department of Human Resources at (330) 375-2780.