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Passed Legislation and Council Meeting Minutes are available on our documents portal. If you do not know the Ordinance or Resolution number, you may enter a keyword in the "Title Clause" box. Please remember to use asterisk (*) around your search term, for example *contract* or *Main*.  Minutes are posted once approved by Council. Clerk's Office staff is continually adding meeting minutes from previous years. For other public record requests, please see the Public Record Request Policy.

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Ordinances and resolutions are introduced as new legislation at council meetings and can be viewed on the Agenda. Items may be declared emergencies and voted on immediately or referred to the regular agenda for the next committee and council meetings.  There is a short summary of each ordinance and resolution (also called the title clause), organized by the committee to which the legislation is assigned.  You may view the legislation by clicking on an item and viewing the supporting document.

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Municipal Code

The Code of the City of Akron, also called the Municipal Code, comprises Akron's laws. Akron’s Municipal Code is available online. The current version is Supplement 56, which was updated September 22, 2023 with laws passed through May 15, 2023.

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The following ordinances have been passed by Council and will be included in the next supplement:

Ordinance 193-2023 amending Title 7, Chapter 70 “Traffic Code,” Section 70.51 “Return of Towed Vehicles” of the Akron Codified Ordinances to eliminate the mandatory fee for the return of towed vehicles; and declaring an emergency. (passed 7/17/23)

Ordinance 328-2023 enacting Title 15 “Land Usage,” to enact Chapter 155 “Riparian Setbacks” in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Akron to protect the benefits of riparian areas by providing reasonable controls governing structures and uses in riparian setbacks; and declaring an emergency. (passed 11/6/23)

Ordinance 336-2023 amending/supplementing Title 15, Chapter 153, "Zoning Code," Article 2 "Districts and Maps" and Article 5 "Accessory Uses in Residence Districts" by adding a Form-Based Zoning Code; and declaring an emergency. (passed 11/13/2023)

Ordinance 367-2023 amending/supplementing Title 15, Chapter 153, “Zoning Code”, Article 1 “General Provisions” and Article 6 “Development and Area District Requirements” regarding the East Market Street Urban Overlay Area; and declaring an emergency. (passed 11/27/2023)

Ordinance 368-2023 amending and/or supplementing Title 7, “Traffic Code,” Chapter 72, “Traffic Rules,” Section 72.38, and Chapter 76 “Parking Regulations,” Section 76.15 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Akron; and declaring an emergency. (passed 11/27/2023)

Ordinance 372-2023 amending and/or supplementing Title 3, Chapter 30 “Mayor and Council,” Section 30.01 “Meetings” of the Akron Codified Ordinances in order to provide for safe, accessible, and efficient City Council Meetings; and declaring an emergency.  (passed 12/4/2023)

Ordinance No. 398-2023 amending/supplementing Title 15, Chapter 153, “Zoning Code”, Section 153.140 “Definitions” and Section 153.310 “Business and Industry requirements” by establishing a form-based Urban Overlay district for the East Market Street Corridor; and declaring an emergency. (passed 12/11/2023)