Message from the President


Welcome to the Akron City Council’s website. On behalf of the 13 members of the Council and the staff members who help us serve you,  I hope that you find this site to be both informative and enjoyable.  I encourage you to explore and utilize this website to its fullest extent. 
The Council plays a very special role in the operation of your city government. All budgetary matters including personnel, allocations, expenditures, and investment are authorized by the Akron City Council. In that role, the Council serves as the City’s oversight and accountability branch of the local government. It is our job to ensure the government is open and transparent.
Additionally, City Council serves as the avenue by which citizens who have a concern, complaint, or question, can let their voices be heard. That’s why at each Council meeting, Akron citizens are given an opportunity to address their elected officials during the public-comment portion of our meetings. We believe this is a vital function, which helps ensure that we remain connected to the people who sent us to City Hall to work on their behalf. 
As we seemingly emerge from the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 provides many challenges, but equally as many opportunities for our city. Our greatest strength lies in our diversity. The deep bench of experienced leaders on our City Council, who come from different walks of life and backgrounds, provides a unique advantage to grow our beautiful city and forge ahead in a post-pandemic world. That same diversity is also found across every part of Akron — in our neighborhoods, businesses, nonprofits, faith, and civic organizations.
On our website, you will find an array of documents, contacts, information, and ways to reach the Akron City Council.  We are always striving to provide more and easier ways for individuals to reach us and get their needs met.  WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU and support your efforts to enhance your life in Akron and beyond.
If there is ever anything that you cannot find on our website, please feel free to contact us the old-fashioned way: we are only one phone call away!
Margo Sommerville
Akron City Council