Legislation Archive

Passed Legislation and Council Minutes are available on our documents portal. If you do not know the Ordinance or Resolution number, you may enter a keyword in the "Title Clause" box. Please remember to use asterisk (*) around your search term, for example *contract* or *Main*.

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Ordinances and resolutions are introduced as new legislation at council meetings and can be viewed on the Agenda. Items may be declared emergencies and voted on immediately or referred to the regular agenda for the next committee and council meetings.  There is a short summary of each ordinance and resolution (also called the title clause), organized by the committee to which the legislation is assigned.  You may view the legislation by clicking on an item and viewing the supporting document.

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Municipal Code

The Code of the City of Akron, also called the Municipal Code, comprises Akron's laws. Akron’s Municipal Code is available online. The current version is Supplement 53, which was updated July 12, 2022 with laws passed through April 4, 2022.

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