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Council asks EPA, Federal Judge to modify Consent Decree

Saying they only want Akron to be treated the same as other Ohio cities making repairs to old sewers, City Council passed a resolution Monday evening asking the EPA and Department of Justice to allow the city to implement green solutions and eliminate unnecessary projects in the Akron Waterways Renewed sewer separation plan. If the city’s new plan is approved, the administration estimates it will shave $300 million off the total cost of the repairs. Monday evening’s meeting was the last Council meeting before its Summer Recess. The next regularly scheduled meeting is September 14.

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Speed humps for Akron?

Ward 9 Council Representative Mike Freeman has been a vocal advocate inside city hall for the use of speed humps to slow residential traffic, and the administration is listening. Akron's first speed humps should rise this spring. Here's video Freeman shot in Toledo while studying the effectiveness of speed humps.

Toledo Speed Hump from Akron City Council on Vimeo.


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