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Council says no to Dollar Tree

Citing the many new dollar stores opening citywide, Council said no to a conditional use zoning request to build a new Dollar Tree on West Portage Trail Extension in The Valley. More than 60 nearby residents had signed petitions objecting to the development, and Council noted that there is a Dollar General less than half a mile away. A resolution urging bar and nightclub owners to pat down and wand customers in an effort to prevent gun violence and ensure patron and staff safety was passed by Council.

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Joint Council-School Board meeting

Monday, June 20, City Council and Akron's School Board held a joint meeting to discuss the status of the school rebuilding project.

June 20, 2016 Special Meeting from Akron City Council on Vimeo.


Click the following link to download the November 2015 newsletter:  2015 Vol 2 City Council Newsletter.

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