PR-Virtual Akron City Council Meetings During July 2022






Contact: Joan M. Williams, Council Chief of Staff


Phone:  330-375-2258

Virtual Akron City Council Meetings During July 2022


Akron, Ohio, October 3, 2022 – Statement from Akron City Council Leadership

For the past several weeks, the decision to conduct Akron City Council meetings remotely during July 2022 has been called into question. Council leadership stands by the decision to remotely conduct meetings during this time and offers the following in the hope of further clarifying the reasons for this decision.

In the wake of Jayland Walker’s death, numerous threats were directed at cabinet members of the City Administration, staff, and elected officials. Information regarding these threats was received from a variety of sources, all of which were credible, and the threats were taken seriously. Because of the seriousness of these threats and the general safety concerns for City staff located within City Hall, the City Administration closed the Municipal Building on more than one occasion. Between the receipt of various threats and various closures of City Hall, Council leadership determined to hold meetings entirely virtual until all credible safety concerns ceased. The decision to hold meetings virtually was entirely appropriate under the circumstances and fully complied with the City’s Charter and Council’s own rules – rules that were passed, unopposed, by City Council in January of 2021.

The unexpected and unprecedented nature of the events following Mr. Walker’s death this past summer could not have been anticipated and were dealt with swiftly and decisively, at all times keeping in mind the safety and security of Akron residents, city staff, and City Council members. The decision to conduct Council meetings remotely was made lawfully, using the best available information, and it continued to permit Akron City Council to conduct the legislative business of the city without interruption.