Welcome to Our New Website!

May 12, 2017

by Council President Marilyn Keith

Over the past several months, I’ve been working with WhiteSpace Creative, an award winning ad agency here in Akron, to create a new website befitting the great city of Akron. My directives were to build a website that exceeds every expectation for simple, fast and easy access to information about council and the legislation we consider each week, and to make it work on any kind of device - table top computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The result exceeds all expectations!

On this new website, with one click you can watch our council meetings and access the latest stories about legislation we are considering. You can view and download our weekly agenda, list of new legislation and list of the legislation we passed the previous week. For the first time, you can view and download the complete pieces of legislation and any accompanying supplements or documentation, the same as is provided to each council member weekly.

We’ve integrated our website with the city’s geographic database to help you identify what ward you live in and who represents you on council. Each Representative also gets their own webpage with information they’ve chosen to share with you. Look for us to add video and more ward-specific photographs and information over time, so you may want to bookmark your council representative’s webpage and check back often.

This new website is an important first step in making Akron City Council more open and more easily accessible to all of our citizens and to the world. The next step, which is coming very soon, is live streaming our committee and council meetings. I’m working with our IT department and WhiteSpace Creative to determine the best and most professional way to live stream council meetings. Stay tuned!