UPA funds approved; city to manage CSO project

May 06, 2014

City Council gave its approval to spend $158,000 to help pay off debts owed by University Park Alliance. Mayor Don Plusquellic said the funds will allow UPA’s work to continue on the near east side of Akron. “We've invested millions of dollars, and we can’t let lawsuits over small amounts of money delay our progress," he said. "We can’t just walk away from this area.” Several other UPA partners also will give similar amounts to pay off creditors. Council also passed legislation that will allow the city to act as contractor for the next phase of Akron’s combined sewer overhaul. The mayor said it was not something he planned or wanted to do, but his hand was forced by a lawsuit challenging the city’s requirements that contractors hire local workers. “We all want our citizens to work on the sewer project, and this is what we have the responsibility to do by action.” He said work on the Rack 15 project – a storage tank near the Little Cuyahoga River - will begin next week. 

May 5, 2014 from Akron City Council on Vimeo.