Public hearing set for revised billboard ordinance

December 02, 2008

Akron City Council will hold a public hearing Dec. 8 on a revised ordinance to place limits on billboard advertising in the city.

The city withdrew the original ordinance Monday to amend or supplement parts of the zoning code to, among other things, limit outdoor advertising displays to a maximum height of 35 feet.  In its place Monday, Dec. 8 will be an ordinance with new language that better reflects the planning commission’s recommendations regarding billboards, and which ensures that any zoning changes enacted only affect the issue of billboards, said Akron’s Director of Planning and Urban Development John Moore.

In September, Council passed an ordinance authorizing a 120-day moratorium on permits for any new or replacement outdoor advertising displays while the Planning Commission studied the necessity of changing the zoning code to limit billboard advertising in the city. The ban expires Jan. 9.

The moratorium ordinance, offered by Economic Development and Job Creation Committee Chair Terry Albanese (W-6) and Council as a whole, was a response to increased residents’ complaints about the negative impacts of billboards on their neighborhoods and property values.