Mud Brook Headwaters Conservation Area Grant Application and Summit County Children Services Levy Resolutions

October 02, 2018

During Monday’s City Council meeting, Council passed two resolutions. The first was in support of the Summit County Child Services levy, which is on the November 6, 2018 ballot, known as Issue 8. This resolution allows Summit County Children Services to use Akron City Council’s support in advertising and publicity for the levy campaign. This levy is a renewal of the $2.25 million levy with an increase of $1 million. This will be a total of $100 annually in property taxes on a $100,000 house, an increase of $35. This increase is the first increase in 30 years and, if passed, will be in effect until 2025. The levy is approximately 60 percent of the Summit County Child Services’ revenue.

The second resolution supports the West Creek Conservancy’s Clean Ohio Greenspace grant application by the City of Akron to create the Mud Brook Headwaters Conservation Area.