Military service ‘PaYS’ for Akron veterans; City guarantees job interviews to new Army recruits

June 16, 2009

Akron City Council demonstrated its commitment to residents who serve in the U.S. armed forces when it passed a resolution of support for a program which guarantees new U.S. Army recruits a job interview with the city upon completion of service.

The resolution, offered Monday night by the mayor and Council as a whole, supports the city's participation in Partnership for Youth Success, a program developed by the Army which links young recruits to civilian job opportunities with local governments or private corporations after they're discharged.

Akron Army and Army Reserve recruits who sign up for the program upon enlistment will be specially trained for a guaranteed interview for a position with the city that utilizes the skill sets acquired during military service.

"A guaranteed interview is an important advantage that our discharged soldiers will be afforded," said Council President Marco Sommerville (W-3). "They will have already had the proper training and all of the other benefits that military service provides, and these young veterans deserve a chance to serve in another capacity by using those skills for the city."

The program targets high school graduates aged 17 to 24. Applicants may be interviewed as early as three to six months prior to being discharged. Army reserve participants may interview after completion of active duty training.

The Akron program is open to Akron veterans who are high school graduates and have been honorably discharged from the Army.

"This is just one way that we as a Council and as a city can express our appreciation for Akron's young men and women who serve our country," Sommerville said. "We're proud of Akron's veterans and want to give them every opportunity to come home and build lives for themselves in Akron after they leave the military service."

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Cincinnati Police Department are the only other public PaYS participants in the state. Several private companies such as Target Corp., State Farm Insurance and Time Warner Cable also have partnered with the PaYS program.