Medical Marijuana, Ghent Road Parking and Dog Barking

September 25, 2018

On Monday, September 24, City Council passed an ordinance authorizing a medical marijuana dispensary to be established at 737 E. North Street. This is the second conditional use ordinance that council has passed allowing a medical marijuana dispensary in the City of Akron. Council also passed an ordinance allowing for a parking lot to be installed as planned by Signet Jewelers, Inc. at 375 Ghent Road; however, they will take time to wait on a traffic study before deciding on allowing an egress to the street. During the Safety Committee meeting Chairman Donnie Kammer asked the committee to put more of an impact to the Title 9, Chapter 92, Animals, Section 92.99 of the Akron Codified Ordinances to increase the mandatory fine for dog barking to as high as $600. The Safety Committee asked for additional time to review and discuss the issue.