Easements for sewer seperation approved

July 12, 2011

Sommerville defends job retention

Council approved legislation Monday evening that will allow the city to begin work on separating storm and sanitary sewers to reduce untreated overflows into the Cuyahoga River. Also approved was legislation to expand Akron's "Central Business District" and rename it "Downtown." Expanding the boundary will bring more conformity to downtown development. After Council business concluded, Council President Marco Sommerville responded to a letter from the mayor to Council about campaign rhetoric that accused the city of not focusing on local job retention. "To send a signal that Council and the mayor are not working to retain jobs is wrong," Sommerville said. "It makes people who are hurting and don't have employment feel a sense of hopelessness - that this government is not responding to their needs and doesn't understand the significance of the problem. I understand that this is an election year and a lot will be said about many issues, but I want everyone know that we are working as hard as possible to retain jobs in this community." The full Council meeting follows via Vimeo, a video sharing website.