EACH employees speak out during public comment period

June 11, 2013

Council chambers was filled to capacity Monday evening as employees of East Akron Community House came to ask Council for help during the public comment period. More than dozen employees addressed Council to voice their concerns about  repeated funding losses. The group asked Council to help arrange a meeting between the employees, executive director and board. President Garry Moneypenny said Council would make inquiries and try to help the employees, but cautioned that there are boundaries on Council's authority. Members of the Greater Akron Food Truck Association also addressed Council in mass, urging changes to Akron's laws that prohibit the sale of food from vehicles. They want an exemption for food trucks similar to the exemption ice cream trucks enjoy. During the business portion of the meeting, Council delayed considering a new retail-apartment building in Highland Square until next week when the Planning Committee makes a recommendation.

June 10, 2013 from Akron City Council on Vimeo.