Council takes time on rezoning after residents protest

September 18, 2012

One after the other, West Hill residents marched to the podium for almost an hour during two public hearings at Monday's City Council meeting to speak their minds about two conditional use zoning requests in their neighborhood. At issue were whether two properties could operate as duplexes in homes zoned single family. Those who spoke for the rezoning were the property owners, their friends and family, and some of the immediate neighbors speaking. Opposing it were members of the West Hill Neighborhood Association. The property owners contended that they purchased dilapidated unoccupied duplexes and renovated them while being unaware of laws that resulted in the properties reverting back to their original single-family zoning. Those opposed contended that the laws in question were passed to reduce the number of multi-family rentals in neighborhoods and increase the number of owner-occupied, one family homes. At Large Councilman and Planning Committee Chair Jeff Fusco requested time after the public hearings so that Council could further review the rezoning requests.

Sept. 17, 2012 from Akron City Council on Vimeo.