Council endorses charter amendment issues

October 05, 2010

City Council passed a resolution of support for issues 11 through 17 on the November 2 ballot at Monday night’s council meeting.

The resolution was introduced by Council president Marco Sommerville and Mayor Don Plusquellic. It urges Akron voters to support the seven issues, which mirror recommendations made by the Charter Review Commission.

The seven charter amendments on the November ballot include:

  • Issue 11 - establishes a department of economic development.
  • Issue 12 - increases the number of voter signatures required for recalls, initiatives and referendums.
  • Issue 13 - allows the city to participate more freely in regional service agreements with other government agencies.
  • Issue 14 - increases campaign contribution limits per candidate per election, and mandates public hearings on contribution limits every two years.
  • Issue 15 - gives “preference points” to veterans and Akron residents for civil service exams.
  • Issue 16 - authorizes the city to lease the recycling energy system.
  • Issue 17 - redirects one-third of the revenue from school rebuilding tax to public safety forces for a three-year period and extends the tax collection period for five years beginning in 2034.