Council cuts curbside collection fee increase

July 03, 2012

A week after expressing concerns about a proposed rate increase for curbside garbage collection, Council approved a new proposal that will cost less for senior citizens with a Homestead Exemption. The proposed increases of $1.50 a month for households that recycle and $2.50 a month for those that do not remained in tact, but households covered by the Homestead Exemption will see only a $.50 a month increase as opposed to a $1.50 a month in the previously proposed legislation. Council also approved a 2012 pay increase for fire fighters. The increases of 1.25% retroactive to Jan. 1 and 1.25% July 1 were determined by an arbitrator. Click on the following link to see Council's meeting:  July 2, 2012 from Akron City Council on Vimeo.