City workers can carry earned time off into next year

November 24, 2009

City employees who haven’t used this year’s paid leave, vacation and personal days earned before the mandatory furloughs went into effect will not lose their time off as the year comes to a close.

Akron City Council Monday night passed legislation which will allow employees to carry unused days off into the next year.

Council’s Budget and Finance Committee Chair Tina Merlitti (W-7) said changing the city code to allow carryovers is the right thing to do as employees sacrificed pay to offset the city’s nearly $8 million budget deficit.

“The current legislation requires that employees take a minimum number of hours of vacation each year. This legislation will waive that minimum requirement,” Merlitti said. “With the furlough days, we can’t spare the time this year and it wouldn’t be fair for them to lose the time they’ve accrued.”

The legislation as passed does not apply to members of City Council, who are not awarded paid time off.