City budget gets Council approval

March 18, 2011

A $528.8 million city budget was passed by Council at its Monday meeting. The budget includes $141 million for wages, benefits and related expenses, of which almost $85 million is for police, fire and safety forces.

The other largest expenditures are $78 million for water and sewers; $14.5 million for the Joint Economic Development Fund; $13.8 million Community Learning Centers; $13.6 million for street repairs and resurfacing; and $18 million for economic development. Almost $32 million was allocated to the city's self-insurance fund.

On the income side of the ledger, the budget anticipates a 1.5% increase in income tax revenues, and sewer revenues are forecast to increase 5% from master meter accounts and 20% from residential customers due to a rate increase that took effect Feb. 1.

The budget also anticipates $12 million from the Ohio's Local Government Fund - the same as last year. However the proposed state budget includes cuts to the LGF that could substantially impact the approved city budget.

Click on the link below to see a chart of the city's general fund revenues and expenses.