Acting police chief pledges cooperation with Council

December 16, 2009

Akron’s newly appointed acting police chief addressed Akron City Council Monday night, pledging a new spirit of cooperation between Council and the Akron Police Department.

Akron Deputy Police Chief Major Craig V. Gilbride thanked Council for its support in the form of public safety legislation and moral support.

“Council has always been supportive, especially from the standpoint of seeing to our equipment and training needs,” Gilbride said. “There are times when your vocal support is more important than any equipment or training needs you’ve provided, and the Akron Police Department is pleased to work with City Council to make this a better community.”

Council President Marco Sommerville welcomed the acting chief’s remarks, reiterated Council’s support for police and called for face-to-face meetings between Council and the department to discuss goals for the new year.

“Council stands behind you and the police department,” Sommerville said. “We will be meeting with you the first of the year to go over some of our concerns, and knowing we’ll be working together, I know those concerns will be addressed.”

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic named Gilbride as acting chief to lead the department after Chief Michael Matulavich’s contract expires Dec. 29.