$500 reward offered for Kenmore vandalism information

February 04, 2009

Ward 9 – Akron City Council agreed to allocate $500 from the Kenmore Improvement Fund to pay out a reward to anyone with information about destruction of city property on Kenmore Boulevard.

Ward 9 Councilman Mike Freeman said vandals with chainsaws cut down four new trees on the boulevard in late December, after the city invested significant monies to improve the throughway.

“Last year the city put $1.3 million in capital improvements into the boulevard, and somebody saw fit to cut down our trees with a chainsaw,” Freeman said. “Folks in this small business corridor think this act is just picking at a wound trying to heal in this community. I hope somebody will step forward.”

Anyone with information is asked to call (330) 375-2490.

The Kenmore Improvement Fund, also known as the Akzo Salt Fund, was established several years ago to aid in Kenmore area special projects or improvements. Portions of any salt well royalties are deposited into the fund for use in ward 9. Currently, the fund is worth around $60,000, Freeman said.