Legislation Archive

The new legislation list, full legislation and list of passed legislation change every week and can be found on the corresponding pages within this website. Older legislation can be found here in the Legislation Archive. Legislation that has been passed also is incorporated into the city's Municipal Code, which is updated several times a year to include recently passed and amended items.

Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances and resolutions are introduced as new legislation at council meetings. Items may be declared emergencies and voted on immediately or referred to the regular agenda for the next committee and council meetings.

Enter a phrase, key word, address or date in the box below to search for summaries of legislation proposed and passed by council in prior weeks.

Municipal Code

The Code of the City of Akron, also called the Municipal Code, is a record all of the city’s ordinances and resolutions that have been passed. They comprise Akron's laws. Akron’s Municipal Code is available online. The current version is Supplement 35, which was updated Oct. 7, 2016, with laws passed through September 30.