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As your City of Akron strives to meet your needs, we aspire to always put our best skills forward to you – our customers. On behalf of the entire City of Akron team, thank you for your continued support. We have set our daily goal to provide our customers with quality service that is  efficient, transparent and fiscally responsible.


AkronWaterways Renewed!

AkronWaterways Renewed!

One of Akron’s most valuable assets is its abundant supply of fresh water. It represents an important asset that has benefited the people of Akron for over a century through economic growth and prosperity.




We want to keep everyone informed. In order to do so, we’re introducing DriveAkron, a City initiative to help us communicate the status of the ongoing improvements and share the excitement as Akron builds momentum for a better tomorrow. With DriveAkron, it’s easy to keep you up-to-date on construction projects and traffic alerts, so you can still get where you’re going, whether it’s to school, work or anywhere else around the City.


Lock 3 Live!

Located next to the Akron Civic Theatre in downtown Akron, home of year-round outdoor concerts, including Rock the Lock Fridays, the July 4th weekend musical celebration featuring national recording acts and the annual Holiday Fest with ice skating at the Lock 3 ice rink beginning every November.



Keep Akron Beautiful

KAB develops and implements public education and community improvement programs on litter prevention, recycling, graffiti eradication, waste management and beautification to encourage citizens to take pride in Akron by participating in these activities.



Open Books Online

Open Books Online simplifies your search for information on the money coming in and the money going out. And while our financial records have always been open to the public, and a number of reports have been available at the libraries and on the internet for several years, we now have assembled them in a way that makes it even easier for every resident and taxpayer to see our income and expenses.