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The Akron City Council website has several features that make it more convenient for you to access news and meeting information. The news page has an RSS feed that allows you to configure your e-mail client or other RSS reader to notify you when a new article is published. A detailed explanation of RSS technology can be found here, and here is an explanation of how to set up an RSS feed in Outlook.

This is the link to the RSS feed for Akron City Council news:


Another feature to the Akron City Council Web site is ICS integration. This technology works the same way as RSS, but is specific to calendar items. You can subscribe to the City Council Meeting Calendars with Outlook, Google Calendar, or any other calendar software. Each time a new meeting is posted to the Akron City Council Web site, it will appear in your Outlook calendar. Learn more about how to incorporate ICS feeds into Outlook here.

Here are the links to each of the Calendar iCal feeds:


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